Heavy Duty Vinyl Flooring

In any building, whether it is a private house or commercial premises such as a shop, office, restaurant or bar, there will be areas that get higher than normal levels of traffic. When that is the case the choice of floor covering becomes much more important and it may be necessary to use heavy duty vinyl flooring in these areas.

heavy duty vinyl flooring
Of course, the definition of commercial premises could also include public areas such as schools and colleges, hospitals, municipal buildings and doctor’s surgeries. Anywhere, in fact, where the amount of use is likely to be heavy.

In such areas, the type of floor covering used must be given careful consideration. It may be tempting to economise and use a lower cost covering but the economy would be a false one because, with heavy use, a floor covering that is only designed for light domestic use would soon wear out and could become difficult to keep clean.

Cracks, holes and splits could also develop and this could pose a health hazard due to the likelihood of someone tripping over and hurting themselves with all the problems that could occur.

It isn’t just a matter of wear and tear however. There are a number of other reasons why areas of heavy use in a building should be fitted with heavy duty vinyl flooring or another product designed for high usage areas.

Heavy Duty Vinyl Flooring Is Slip Resistant

As well as being incredibly hard wearing, commercial grade vinyl flooring is often finished with a slip resistant surface. This is especially useful in areas where the floor is likely to get wet, such as a kitchen, (commercial or at home), hall way or entrance and, of course, a bar or restaurant.

A well designed and expertly fitted slip-resistant vinyl floor covering can not only provide years of service with only minimal maintenance but it can prevent accidents and injury being caused by people slipping on a surface that is not suitable for commercial or heavy traffic usage.

Heavy Duty Vinyl Flooring is Tough, Warm – and Comfortable Too!

heavy duty vinyl floor
Because heavy duty vinyl flooring tends to be thicker and often more cushioned than domestic grade flooring, it is more comfortable to walk on, especially for long periods of time such as in the workplace.

Another benefit of the extra thickness and density is that of acoustic dampening – heavy duty flooring absorbs sound better than thinner surfaces and not only reduces the noise levels in rooms where it is laid but also improves the level of soundproofing between one room and another, especially rooms below the room in question.

It isn’t only sound insulation that is provided by these versatile and hard wearing floor coverings however, because of their additional thickness they can also provide additional thermal insulation and reduce heat loss from the room.

Heavy Duty Vinyl Flooring is Easy to Clean

Another major benefit that comes with this type of flooring is the ease with which it can be cleaned. Often, all that is needed is a light mopping with water but, when the going gets tough, these surfaces can really shine – literally in many cases.

This is because they can withstand being cleaned, when necessary, with heavy duty commercial grade cleaning equipment and can often be steam cleaned if the level of soiling requires it. You should, of course, always check the manufacturer’s specifications and instructions before taking such drastic action.

Some types of heavy duty vinyl flooring are coated with an anti-bacterial layer which can prevent the growth of many types of bacteria, including MRSA, thereby making it suitable for use in hospitals, clinics and doctor’s surgeries. The combination of the flooring’s heavy duty composition and the special coating means that this type of floor can be cleaned repeatedly and quickly – essential in a busy public building, hospital or clinic.

Available in a Variety of Formats

vinyl flooring options
Generally speaking there are two main types of heavy duty vinyl flooring; cushioned vinyl that comes on a roll and vinyl flooring tiles. A huge range of finishes by Amtico and Karndean are available including some which are designed to look like a stone or marble floor but at a fraction of the cost.

The most popular of these two types of flooring is that which is supplied on a roll and simply cut to the required size and glued to a suitably clean, level and smooth surface, (although it can sometimes be laid without the need to use adhesives). If the surface is not smooth it may be necessary to fix a layer of plywood or similar for the vinyl floor to be adhered to.

Roll flooring usually comes in a choice of widths, often ranging from 2 metres through to 4 metres wide which is simply cut to the required length.

Alternatively, you may decide to opt for a floor tile but these are more difficult and time-consuming to lay and generally cost more than their roll-based counterparts both in terms of the material itself and in the labour that is required to lay them.

No Underlay Necessary

Although many people are told that vinyl floor requires an underlay similar to that used with a carpet, this is not usually the case. This makes vinyl flooring especially economical as underlay is a cost that you will not have to take into account when choosing your flooring.

Vinyl Flooring in a Nutshell

In areas that require it, heavy duty vinyl flooring can be the most economical, easy to clean and maintain, and one of the best hard wearing floor coverings available. The range of patterns and textures available give you almost as much choice as with carpets but the result will generally last longer and be much easier to keep clean.

It’s important to be realistic when choosing floor coverings. If the area in question is likely to get a lot of use, especially from people coming in from the outside with unavoidably dirty or wet and muddy shoes, then a heavy duty vinyl floor could well be the best solution.

At Indigo Flooring we offer a wide range of vinyl floor coverings including heavy duty vinyl flooring for use in busy areas. To start using heavy duty vinyl flooring in your home or business get in touch with one of our flooring specialists today.

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