Why Do I Need Underlay for my Laminate Flooring?

Once you have chosen your flooring it is important that you take steps to ensure that it is installed and looked after it in such a way as to retain its beauty and contribution to your home. The use of underlay is more important with laminate flooring than with wooden flooring as it protects your laminate floor as well as improving your enjoyment of it. Although underlay represents an initial additional expense, over time it will pay for itself as it keeps your new floor in tip-top condition. We look in more detail at the advantages of using underlay beneath laminate flooring.

wood flooring underlay
Underlay can correct unevenness in your existing floor

Your existing floor is likely to be uneven through wear or damage. This can leave small gaps that need to be bridged by your new flooring. Laminate flooring is not as good at bridging these gaps as wood flooring and, because of this, will benefit from underlay.

Laminate flooring is thinner than wood flooring

When compared to wood flooring, laminate flooring is relatively thin. The maximum depth of laminate board you are likely to see is 12mm. By adding underlay you will increase the overall depth of your flooring.

Underlay can help with noise reduction

If you are changing from a carpet to a laminate floor you will notice a change in acoustics. Not only that but any floors that are below you are likely to experience an increase in noise; this can be a particular issue if you have tenants living downstairs. Adding an underlay before you fit your laminate floor will help with noise reduction and soften the room acoustics. Click here for some additional noise reduction tips for the home.

laminate underlay
Underlay will improve thermal insulation

One important job that your flooring does is to retain heat in your home and in the rooms that you are heating. The thermal insulation properties of laminate flooring will be improved if you add an underlay layer.

Underlay can be chosen to suit your flooring needs

Laminate flooring is a suitable flooring solution for many different layers of your home. Just as there are different depths and types of laminate available to suit different needs, there are different underlays. Before you choose an underlay ask about its noise-reducing properties, for which levels of floor unevenness it is suitable and whether or not it has a built in damp-proof membrane.

laminate flooring underlay
Carpet and vinyl do not make suitable underlay for laminate flooring

Existing carpet or vinyl should always be lifted before you lay your laminate flooring. A layer of carpet or vinyl would have too much give and be too bouncy if used as laminate underlay. Carpet underlay whether new or old is also unsuitable for use as a laminate underlay.

Laminate underlay is easy to lay

Adding underlay to your laminate flooring order will not add significantly to your fitting costs. Laminate underlay merely requires laying out and cutting.

Adding underlay will not change how you clean your laminate floor

Whether you have included an underlay or not your laminate floor will benefit from gentle cleaning. Specialist cleaning fluids can be used sparingly but should never be applied directly to the floor as they may cause staining.

laminate underlayment
Laminate flooring underlay will only add a thin layer to your floor

Underlay for laminate flooring is made from either felt or foam. Foam laminate underlays tend to be cheaper but those made of felt have better sound reduction properties.

Underlay will not add significantly to the cost of your laminate floor

Compared to your original investment on your laminate floor, you will hardly notice the cost of suitable underlay. The small addition that underlay will add to your final bill will definitely be worth your increased enjoyment of your new floor.

Laminate flooring is a great flooring solution for many different areas of your home. Once you have chosen your floor it is important to ensure excellent fitting, the correct underlay and suitable fixtures. Indigo flooring is a family business happy to advise you on all aspects of laminate flooring purchase and fitting. Get in touch with our experienced team today for a free, no-obligation quote.

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