Parquet or Laminate Flooring
10 Tips to Help You Choose

Designers agree that your choice of flooring for your home should be made early on in the design process because choosing the right flooring has such a big impact on the overall look of your home. Two excellent and stylish flooring design options are parquet and laminate flooring. We give you 10 tips to help you answer the question, ‘Should I choose parquet or laminate flooring?’

The difference between parquet flooring and laminate

Parquet flooring consists of small pieces of wood that are arranged in a geometrical pattern. The most traditional of these is the herringbone pattern seen on many older floors. Laminate flooring is made from melamine, a resin-based substance, which is bonded to a moisture resistant core.
parquet flooring

Decide how important a ‘natural’ product is to you

Whilst the melamine in laminate flooring is made of organic products, its production is synthetic and any impression of wood or stone comes from a digital printed image. Parquet flooring however is made of real wood pieces so if having natural flooring is important to you parquet makes a good solution.

Understand how much wear and tear

Floors in some areas of your home will get harder wear than others. In the hall for example there is often a lot of foot traffic whereas a study may be less used. The top layer of a laminate floor is much harder than the wood of a parquet floor. Laminate floors will resist scratches and dents far better than parquet floors will.

Choose which type of floor your home design calls for

You will have an idea in your head as to the overall look you want for your home. If you like a traditional style with warmth and subtle tones then parquet flooring is probably the best solution for you. If you prefer a minimalist or modern feel with plenty of space then a laminate floor can give a lighter and less prominent appearance.

Decide how important choice of flooring design is to you

It is worth remembering that laminate flooring is available is a wide variety of designs and patterns. Laminate floors can be fitted to look like wood, stone, slate or even concrete in a range of colours. Parquet floors, whilst beautiful, offer less choice although they are available in different types of wood and traditional patterns including herringbone, basket weave and ladder.

Understand how to clean parquet flooring and laminate

Parquet floors are delicate and must be protected from abrasive cleaners and rough cleaning equipment. They only require a gentle brush and a clean with warm water; parquet floors should not be left too wet. Laminate floors are hardier and can take a good clean or even a scrub with a water and detergent mix. Detergent should never be applied directly to a laminate floor.
laminated flooring

Decide whether you need your flooring to add value

Whilst laminate flooring may be initially attractive to prospective buyers, parquet flooring is the one that will add real value to your home. Quality and traditional materials can add that wow factor that will make your home the one that buyers are outbidding each other to purchase.

Parquet or laminate – Consider the sunlight levels

Parquet floor, being a natural product, will be susceptible, like other furnishings, to fading in strong sunlight. Whilst this can be counteracted by the use of blinds or by moving furniture around, if your room is south-facing or has large windows it might be better to choose laminate flooring.

Think about how much maintenance you want to do

Laminate flooring requires little or no maintenance other than cleaning whereas parquet floor will benefit from time to time from sanding, sealing and polishing. This will represent either expense if you get somebody to do the work for you, or time if you choose to do it yourself.

Physically compare parquet flooring and laminate flooring

There is no better way to help you make up your mind than to look closely at all of the options. Viewing both parquet and laminate products either in a showroom or in your own home is far better than looking at online images. Ask for samples if you think that will help you to choose.

We at Indigo Flooring love both laminate and parquet flooring. We recommend that you visit our Mill Hill flooring showroom or ask one of our expert team to visit you at home for a free, no obligation quote. We are here to advise you and answer any questions that you might have.

At Indigo Flooring we offer a wide range of hardwood flooring options for use in both residential and commercial setting. To start using hardwood flooring in your home or business, get in touch with one of our flooring specialists today.

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