Rubber Flooring Guide: The Right Choice For Commercial and Industrial Areas


gym rubber flooring

Industrial rubber flooring is designed to extremely high standards and specifications. It can withstand damage from accidents and resist deterioration from wear and tear, as well as providing protection for your staff and clients. It’s also well known in commercial applications for its non-slip, long-lasting properties. We take a look at commercial rubber flooring, and explain why it’s such a good option for both indoor and outdoor areas.

What is rubber flooring?

Commercial rubber flooring can be made from natural tree sap but synthetic rubber, sometimes made from recycled materials such as car tyres, is more commonly used in high traffic areas because of its increased durability. Both commercial and domestic rubber floors come in several forms including tiles, rolls and pavers, as well as multiple patterns, textures and colourways, making them suitable for a surprisingly wide range of flooring requirements.

Where can I use rubber flooring?

Because it’s so tough and durable, industrial rubber flooring is particularly suitable for areas of high traffic or high-impact use. These include gyms, stables, garages and schools, but the flooring can also be used outside to good effect in gardens and playgrounds. If you’re installing flooring at your commercial property, it’s also worth considering rubber flooring for any kitchens and bathrooms.

Indoor rubber flooring

It can be used almost anywhere in or around your commercial facility and it’s equally appropriate for indoor and outdoor applications. We take a look at some of the most popular indoor options below.


rubber gym flooring

Gym flooring

In the gym it’s not just the clients that take a battering. Gym floors are susceptible to both shock and impact from weights, as well as general wear and tear. Rubber gym flooring offers a high level of protection for sub-floors, and can be layered up with impact protection slabs in especially vulnerable areas. But the main attraction of a rubber gym floor is its longevity. With between 10 and 15 years between replacements, opting for a rubber floor can really help bring down your long-term running costs.

Kitchen flooring

Because it’s so good at resisting stains, repelling water and absorbing shock, rubber has long been a popular choice for commercial kitchen flooring. Another big advantage of rubber floors in kitchens is that it maintains a slip-resistant surface even after spills. It is also softer than some other types of floors, which means that china and glass are less likely to break when dropped on it.

Cleanliness is important in the kitchen, and it is here that rubber flooring scores another point because it is so easy to sweep and mop clean. It’s worth noting that although rubber floors are usually stain-resistant, there are a few substances such as grease and oil that can leave marks if they aren’t promptly cleared up.

Bathroom flooring

In commercial situations safety has to be a key consideration which is why this type of flooring in bathrooms can really help. Some other types can become slippery as soon as water is split on them, this can lead to avoidable accidents. Rubber floors have a high friction coefficient and can maintain grip in wet or humid conditions. Another benefit of rubber flooring in bathroom areas is that its natural water resistance restricts the growth of moulds and will protect your subfloor.


rubber garage flooring

Garage flooring

Garage floors take a lot of knocks. With all kinds of drops, bashes and spills possible, your garage needs a floor that’s going to absorb the blows and come up shining every time. Rubber floor tiles are a popular choice for commercial garages but flooring roll can also look great, especially for larger areas.

Rubber flooring for schools

If you’ve ever watched children at work and play, you’ll know how important making the right flooring choice in a school setting can be. Not only is rubber flooring hard-working enough to withstand all that footfall, it’s also really great at deadening noise levels. Young people respond well to colours and aesthetics so in a school environment the versatility of textures, finishes and colours that it offers can make a real difference to daily life.

Rubber flooring for stables

Rubber is particularly suitable for horses because it provides such a comfortable, high-traction surface. Traditional stable environments can be dusty as well as draughty but rubber flooring is a great insulator, and is really easy to clean and disinfect. Because rubber floors are liquid resistant, they help avoid the collection of moisture that can sometimes lead to bacterial build-up.

Outdoor rubber flooring

It’s easy to see the benefits of choosing such a flooring for your indoor settings but it can also transform unwelcoming outdoor areas into comfortable, enjoyable spaces. We have two examples below.


rubber playground flooring

Playground flooring

Not only do playground floors have to take a lot of footfall and activity, they also need to protect the people who are using them. Rubber floors are slip resistant so it shouldn’t cause many falls but if people do trip, rubber flooring is also very shock-absorbent, and can protect users from injury. As well as this, rubber flooring can be laid in colourful ways and patterns that will make the area more attractive, and enhance play opportunities.

If you’re looking for a safe, fun, and attractive surface that will encourage adventure, and be far easier to look after than some traditional options, this kind of flooring is definitely worth investigating for your playground areas.

Outdoor rubber flooring for gardens

It isn’t just useful in outdoor areas that are used for play and sport. In recreational areas rubber also offers a great alternative to paving slabs, concrete, and even bricks. With its anti-slip safety and easy maintenance, garden rubber flooring can be the ideal choice for any number of outdoor areas. From patios to decks, and even as a base for a roof garden, rubber flooring is a versatile and attractive option. If you’re thinking about improving your outside spaces but want a long-lasting solution that will also look fantastic and encourage people to use them, rubber flooring could be just what you’re looking for.

Make the right flooring decision for your business

The right flooring choice can vastly improve not just the aesthetic of your business premises but also the safety and comfort of your staff and visitors. At Indigo Flooring we offer a whole range of flooring to meet the needs of our clients. From professional advice to fitting, and ongoing maintenance, our experienced team of flooring experts know pretty much all there is to know about commercial floors.

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