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Indigo Flooring installed Sisal Big Boucle carpets with near invisible symmetric seams to two inset panels, Viscose Cotton silk carpets and modern design tapestries to 3 inset panels, with polyflor safety flooring installed to back of house areas.

A very large retail fit out that required technical solutions to overcome the limitations of the products specified. This included careful seaming of the sisal panels, made from a natural material which by its nature is not made straight nor is the weave consistent along its length. Despite this the seams were carefully heat welded and by adjusting the tension we were able to achieve a near perfect joint, two in each panel!

The tapestries were a mere 2.5mm thick, traditional dual bonding methods would result in the glue seeping through the weave, the material was also too thin to use on short pin gripper. The solution was to bond the carpet to the underlay using carpet tile tackifier, once laid into the adhesive and stretched tight, the perimeter could be hand cut with edges sealed and folded over using hot melt adhesive it was then heat bonded to blind (pinless), gripper. The end result despite our initial concerns was perfect.


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    CLUB MONACO SLOANE SQUARE – Indigo Flooring installed reclaimed original face French Railway Oak in herringbone, Narrow random length strip flooring, Versailles Panels & miniature herringbone blocks for the window displays.