Top Loft Flooring Options For The Perfect Home

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Like most of us, if you’ve been spending a lot more time at home recently, you’ll have felt the need to create a bit more space. Moving home isn’t an option for everybody, and might not be necessary. Take a good look at what your current home has to offer. One really easy way to gain extra living space is to expand the living or storage potential you already have in your loft by fitting loft flooring boards.

Whether you’re after a full loft conversion or just keen to improve the storage potential of your loft, you need to think carefully about your choice of attic flooring. We take a look at the different types of flooring available, and how flooring a loft correctly can really enhance your home’s potential and even its value.

Flooring a loft to add extra living space

The benefits

A well thought out loft or attic conversion won’t just increase your living space in the short term, when it’s time to move on you’ll find yourself with a more attractive and marketable property to sell. Even better than that, adding a loft conversion is a really cost-effective option. From home offices to extra play zones for kids, additional space has become a real selling point for homes right across the price spectrum.


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Worth Remembering

If you want your loft conversion to function successfully as a room, you need to take certain things into account before choosing your loft flooring boards.

  • Your roof construction type, and the presence of tanks and other obstacles
  • Any water, broadband, electricity, or telephone requirements
  • Future possible uses of your loft space
  • Fluctuating temperatures, and insulation
  • Safety standards for loft conversions include fire standard regulations for loft flooring

Loft flooring options for loft conversions

Not all lofts are made equal. If yours is on the small size but still up to providing useful living space, it makes sense to choose attic flooring that will make it appear bigger.

Hardwood floors are great for sleek, modern rooms, and come in a whole range of different tones and types but it’s worth remembering that they can reduce the overall height of a room. Laminate floors are competitively priced and easy to look after but not always as popular with buyers looking for a luxury feel.

One option that is growing in popularity is Amtico, which is a high quality vinyl floor designed to look just like a wide range of woods or stones, but really easy to maintain.

You could also consider parquet or tiled loft flooring but it’s worth remembering that both of these will require a sub floor to be fitted, which may not be suitable in lofts with less head room.


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Flooring design for conversions

Whichever type of attic flooring you choose for your loft conversion, you need to make sure it fits in with your design ideas. For sleek looks choose interlocking flooring, for a traditional feel consider individual boards, and for relaxation, think honey or vanilla tones.

The options are endless but when choosing your loft flooring for your conversion, it’s important to remember that you or your home’s next owner might want to use the loft in a different way in the future. Building in a little flexibility now can make all the difference.

Flooring your loft for storage

The benefits

Flooring a loft not only gives you additional storage space, it does so without the ongoing costs of external self-storage. Once your new loft storage is available, you’ll be free to use it as you need to. All the paraphernalia of modern life will be hidden away. It will be out of view, and safe from potential thieves, leaving you to enjoy the clear lines and soothing ambiance of uncluttered living space.

Worth remembering

Even if you’re only flooring your loft for storage, it’s worth getting the job done properly. Fitting loft flooring not only helps you clear out any unwanted junk, it gives you the opportunity to give the top of your property a check and overhaul. You might want to think about:

  • Improving loft insulation to reduce bills and increase your energy efficiency
  • Adding cables or water pipes for future loft conversions
  • Checking for damp or damage before you start
  • Making sure you don’t obstruct air flow
  • Boarding off any areas that aren’t suitable for storage (e.g. under the eaves)
  • Adding a suitable loft ladder for safety and ease of use


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Loft flooring options for storage

When it comes to loft flooring for storage, it’s important to do the job right the first time. This includes getting the right loft flooring supports in place as well as the right boards.

Loft or attic flooring boards are available in different thicknesses and sizes, and it’s important to talk to the experts before choosing which is right for your requirements. If you know you’ll only be using the loft for storage, you won’t need to worry too much about appearances but it’s always worth considering future use before you start.

Flooring design for storage

The importance of loft flooring design is obvious if you’re going to use your loft as a living space but designing your storage loft can also make a big difference when it comes to efficiency. Before you start, think about what you need to store, whether you want to add shelving or cupboards, and how often you’ll need to access items.

Smaller pieces can be stored under the eaves but larger ones will take more thought. A bit of planning at the beginning can make all the difference to your overall satisfaction later on.

Give yourself more breathing space with loft flooring

It’s a versatile and sought-after option that can have a really positive impact, and improve the value of your property. Moving house can be expensive, time consuming, and stressful so why not make the most of the home you’re already living in?

There are plenty of loft flooring options out there but our expert team would be more than happy to chat about your requirements and choices. At Indigo Floors we offer professional loft flooring advice as well as expert installation, aftercare and maintenance.

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