carpet vs hardwood

Answering The Age Old Question – Should I Use Carpets Or Hardwood Flooring?

Carpet vs hardwood

Whether you have just bought a new home or are sprucing up your existing one, the type of flooring you choose can have a huge impact on the success of your design efforts. The decision as to whether to choose carpet vs hardwood can be a tricky one.

carpet vs hardwood

When it comes to carpet vs hardwood floors, there are arguments for both, and considerations such as flooring budget, personal taste, allergy concerns and maintenance requirements should all be taken into account. We look at the merits of both carpet flooring and hardwood floors and help you decide which is right for you, your family and your home.

Hardwood flooring – the pros

The ‘wow’ factor

Hardwood flooring definitely has the aesthetic edge. That smooth expanse of surface stretching out in front of you is difficult to ignore and one of the reasons that it often wins the carpet vs hardwood debate. If you are after a sense of luxury and space, hardwood flooring could well be for you.


Hardwood flooring gives you the opportunity to update the look of your home, as often and as inexpensively as you like. With the careful placement of rugs, you could even have a summer and winter look for your living space. If you enjoy interior design, hardwood will allow you to adapt your home’s aesthetic whenever you feel like it.


With the correct maintenance, hardwood flooring is a real investment in your home that will last for decades and probably sell it for you when you choose to move on. If sections of your hardwood floor are damaged, refinishing can make it look as good as new. The economics of this are clear, when it comes to carpet vs hardwood floors, wood can definitely give you more for your initial investment.

Allergy reduction

When it comes to keeping allergens like pet dirt, dust mites and pollen under control, hardwood flooring definitely wins the carpet vs hardwood floor battle because it is far easier to keep allergen-free. For asthma sufferers, it is also worth bearing in mind that hardwood flooring is a natural product and therefore does not release the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can sometimes increase asthma symptoms.

hardwood floors vs carpet

Hardwood flooring – the cons

Chilly toes

Unless you install under floor heating, hardwood flooring can be cold on the feet, particular first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Rugs and slippers can alleviate this to some extent but, if you have small children, it pays to remember that they will be crawling around and that, as a result, you probably will be too.

Noise considerations

When making the carpet vs hardwood floors decision, many people, who are used to carpets, don’t fully appreciate the increase in noise levels that can be experienced with hardwood flooring. Installing a hardwood floor can drastically alter the acoustics of your home, so if you really like the quiet life, this may not be the flooring design choice for you.

Vulnerability to damage

Whilst damaged sections of hardwood flooring can be repaired and re-treated, you won’t want to do this for every small scratch or dent. If you are a particular perfectionist when it comes to your flooring, you might want to think twice about hardwood flooring. If, on the other hand, you like an ‘older’, distressed look, a few signs of wear and tear won’t be a problem for you.

carpet flooring

Carpet vs hardwood – the pros


Most of us want our homes to be relaxing places in which to be and there is nothing that aids relaxation better than taking off your shoes at the end of a long day and enjoying the softness of good quality carpet flooring. Many people are returning from their ventures into hardwood flooring for just this reason. If you are someone who enjoys lying on the floor or wriggling your toes through a nice deep pile, carpet flooring is the choice for you.


Cutting corners with flooring quality is a bad idea but there aren’t very many of us who don’t have a home design and flooring budget that we have to stick to. If you look at the relative costs of carpet vs hardwood floors, carpet wins hands down. So if you are after high quality flooring solutions but have a restricted budget, take a look at carpet options as well as hardwood flooring options.

Design versatility

Carpet flooring offers many more colour, pattern and texture options than hardwood flooring. This gives the keen home designer the opportunity to play around with quirky styles and statement themes and explore the possibilities that carpet flooring has to offer. If you like your home to stand out from the crowd, a unique carpet may well be your preferred option.

Noise reduction

There can be no two ways about it; a house with carpet flooring is quieter than one with hardwood flooring. Not only does a carpet help to kill the noise from footsteps, it also absorbs some of the noise from voices, the TV and even teenager’s music. If your family has diverse interests and busy lives, you might find yourself craving the peace and quiet that carpet flooring has to offer.

carpet vs hardwood in bedrooms

Carpet flooring – the cons


When it comes to the carpet vs wooden flooring debate, longevity is often the first topic to come up. Carpet flooring does not last as long as hardwood flooring and can be particularly vulnerable in areas of high traffic such as hallways. This may not be a problem if you enjoy changing the look and feel of your flooring from time to time but, if you have made a considerable investment in your flooring choice, you may well feel that you want it to last.


Nobody likes a dirty floor but one of the disadvantages of carpet flooring is that it can easily hide dirt and offensive allergens. Carpet requires regular hoovering and a professional deep clean at least once a year. If you are an allergy sufferer or really dislike having to get the vacuum cleaner out, you may well want to consider hardwood flooring as your choice.


Although carpet flooring is seeing a resurgence in popularity, hardwood flooring is still the most sought after flooring option for homebuyers. Wooden floors offer versatility when it comes to presenting your home for resale whereas tastes in carpet tend to be more individual and may restrict your home’s potential attraction to buyers. If you are thinking about moving house in the near future, consider the carpet vs hardwood flooring question very carefully.

So there we have it, choosing new flooring is always exciting but, with all of the wonderful options available, the carpet vs hardwood flooring decision can become a tricky one. Consider the options above carefully and for a free, no-obligation quote get in touch with us today on 020 8959 2629.

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